Reviving Ukrainian Culture through Nafta Theater

In our mission to cultivate and revive the roots of Ukrainian culture, we proudly stand alongside the "Nafta" Theater. Established in Kharkiv in 2018, "Nafta" serves as a driving force of artistic freedom, embracing open collaboration among actors, directors, musicians, and choreographers. With 11 innovative premieres and numerous educational initiatives under its belt, the theater is a living testament to creative experimentation and unbound expression. Our dedication extends to restoring the theater's vibrant presence in Kharkiv and utilizing it as a conduit for social dialogue, psychological support, and cultural resurgence. As we support the frontline city's artistic revival, we pledge to fortify the message that Kharkiv thrives despite challenges. Join us in supporting the Nafta Theater, where every contribution breathes life into the heart of Ukrainian cultural resurgence.