Our mission with ‘sofort.hilfe.ukraine’ is straightforward: we collect and deliver urgently needed supplies to regions of Ukraine facing acute challenges. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we channel valuable resources directly to those who need them most. From food and medicine to essential supplies, we have successfully delivered over 55 shipments of humanitarian aid during our relentless efforts spanning more than 500 days. Our commitment to the civilian population in Ukraine during these challenging times remains unwavering.


In addition to our relief efforts, we also organize sociocultural events under our ‘Motanka’ project. Last September, we successfully held an event in Berlin and are determined to continue these efforts. We are excited about the upcoming Motanka Festival, taking place from August 25th to 27th, 2023, in Berlin. This festival will showcase the vibrant culture, art, music, cinema, and fashion of Ukraine and Europe, promoting unity and celebrating diversity.

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